Friday, October 18, 2013

Foreign Friday

Nancy, Peggy Vaughn, Nancy VanDanberg, John Hedberg
Bangkok, Thailand
December 1979

Last week's Foreign Friday photo, was taken following this traditional Thai meal.

* * * * * *

As shown in the photos above, most of the dinnerware in Asia is blue and white pottery. I purchased several pottery cups (without handles) in Japan and use them occasionally. In Japan and other countries, most of the cups for hot beverages did not have handles. In Japan, these tea cups are called yunomi.


  1. This is probably a silly question, but do they use chopsticks in Thailand? And for soups, I've used little ceramic scoops in restaurants here, but I only see silverware in your pic. Just wondering.

  2. MAYBE I'm part Thai.. I love blue and white china above all others

  3. Our dear DIL has tons of those pretty blue and white bowls and cups that belonged to her aunt! I love eating from them because they have a feeling of history about them!!

  4. I've only eaten Thai food a couple of times. Once I ordered a dish that was entirely too spicy for me. I did enjoy the wonton soup though which has a slightly different flavor than Chinese wonton soup.

  5. Neat! I love a handleless teacup on a cold day. Thai is my favorite kind of food. We're blessed to have a great place here in podunk, and now that the owner knows I know my Thai, I *REALLY* enjoy my custom meals. They gladly customize for the Knight too.

  6. I absolutely LOVE those dishes!!!!

  7. These dishes sure make up a pretty table. The meal looks tasty. I see there are a few adult beverages on the table too...


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