Friday, August 30, 2013

Foreign Friday

Chinese Junk
Hong Kong harbor
December 1979
This photo taken from the ferry between Kowloon and Hong Kong is as close as I ever got to a Chinese Junk.

I loved Hong Kong and would love to return. Most of my tour group was ill when we were there, so I was able to explore on my own for a full day.


  1. The ferry is colorful, but I'm fascinated by the "little" ship with the sail...

  2. The sails are beautiful! They look like a giant folding fan.

  3. When we were in Michoacan Mexico they took little flat boats out to islands for the Day of the Dead nightly candle lighting. I swore they looked like Junks.....they also looked like they would sink from the weight of the families tucked into them


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