Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dubois Quilt Show

Today's post contains photos from the annual Never Sweat Needlers Quilt Show in Dubois, WY.
Rays of Hope
51 x 52 inches
Carol Doak pattern
(made by Pat C.'s friends during her radiation for breast cancer)
Antique Star Blooms
made by Dixie W.
54 x 66 inches
Wooden Needle pattern
Rhapsody in Blue
made by Leigh T.
80 x 80 inches
Ro Gregg pattern
made from 12 different fabrics
Through the Window
made by Pat C.
pattern from Fabric Depot - Portland, OR
63 x 64 inches

More photos will be posted later this week.


  1. Thanks for the eye-candy. I never get tired of the variety of different quilts at shows.

  2. The last quilt in this post, is my friend Pat Corkill's quilt!! I didn't get to go and see them this year, so I will have to let her know I "saw" hers anyway! Thanks Nancy!, Julie W

  3. Very pretty. I always love when quilts are made for a special reason. Makes those ones even prettier.

  4. That third one looks soooooo hard to me.

  5. Absolutely beautiful!! Love the star quilts!! Thanks for sharing!!


  6. Wow...the patterns amaze me! What labors of love! These quilts are beautiful.

  7. Oh I LOVE the rhapsody!!!! I love blues

  8. Those are beautiful quilts, and such a clever name for a sewing group!

  9. They are all beautiful but I love, love, love Antique Star Blooms!! The flowers along the side add so much character to the quilt. I would love to have one like it!

  10. Oh my goodness, I love them all!!!

  11. So very pretty! Thanks for taking us with you on your travels... so to speak.

  12. Beautiful! I love the blue one but that one with the flower pot and flowers is very interesting:)


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