Monday, August 26, 2013

Dubois Quilt Show #4

Wake Up Flowers
41 x 41 inches
made by Marlene M.
close-up of Wake Up Flowers blocks
 I love the fabrics used in this quilt.

Check out the intricate paper-piecing
each triangle is comprised of 19 small pieces of fabric
Whirligig (variation)
made by Eileen G.
close up of a Whirligig (variation) block
Check tomorrow for more quilt photos.


  1. The Whirligig quilt looks impossibly challenging. I'm impressed with the patience and skill it must have taken to piece those blocks.

  2. They all look so complicated...can't imagine the patience required to accomplish such things.

  3. I love the fabric and colours in the wake up quilt!!...

  4. Today I love the first one best.

    This is a great way for me to see colors together...looking so beautiful. Keep them coming

  5. The Wake Up quilt is really cute--so cheerful-looking! But the Whirligig...oh my much detail work!! I can't imagine the patience and diligence to get that quilt finished! These quilts you've photographed are wonderful to oogle over!!

  6. Someone is really into small pieces and lots of detail. It looks fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I love pansies!! I am mystified by Whirligig. Is that a complete quilt? If not it would be beautiful--just white background with the whirligigs! I need one for my bed!

  8. I love pansies as well, and am flat-out overwhelmed by Whirligig.

  9. My Mom does some of that paper piecing..hard to understand if you are no sewer. LOvely quilt! :)


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