Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dubois Quilt Show #3

Lori B. and Cheryl O.
Dubois, WY
August 2013
Lori and Cheryl (one of my knitting buddies) have been friends for years and enjoyed visiting at the Dubois Quilt Show. Lori, a member of the Never Sweat Needlers (the group hosting the show), worked at the quilt raffle table while we viewed the quilts.

The winning ticket for the quilt displayed behind Lori and Cheryl was drawn on Sunday at the end of the show, but sadly it was not mine.


  1. That's a beautiful quilt. I would have loved to have won it. I'm sure whoever did is thrilled. Wish it could have been you.

  2. I'm sorry you didn't win but that's a pretty quilt. I like the trees.

  3. What a stunning work of art! I'm sorry you didn't win. What would you have done with it if you had?

  4. Love that quilt!! Good picture of the gals, too!

  5. Well I love all things cabin and evergreen!! Such a lovely quilt.

  6. Lovely quilt, I think my Mom did that pattern parts she called flying geese or something:)

  7. Wow the quilts just keep getting better and better! I love the cabin quilt!!

  8. That quilt would fit just great in my log home :)


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