Monday, December 10, 2012

It's a Cover-up

Last week, I posted three sets of fabric for projects that were in the works. This is what I made with the fabric - aprons for a good friend. (She doesn't read my blog, so she will be surprised when they arrive.)
Winter apron
the ties are tucked behind the apron for the photo
I adapted the Four Corners Apron! pattern, making the aprons reversible.
Autumn apron
(reverse side of Winter apron)
The pattern is easy to follow, and the apron is fun to make.
Easter egg apron
ties are tucked behind apron for photo
I hope my friend enjoys wearing these reversible and seasonal aprons.
Spring apron
(reverse side of Easter egg apron)
ties are tucked behind the apron for photo
I didn't have time to sew the Summer apron, but the fabric is cut. Hopefully, I can get the apron assembled this week and get these three aprons sent to my friend.

If you need a quick gift, I recommend the Four Corners Apron. 


  1. What a nice gift for your friend! I love that you made them reversible.

  2. So nice! I have that pattern and love making it...what perfect material for them!!

  3. Really cute aprons, and practical too!

    Lots of knitting going on around here--I have been captivated by Brunella yarn from Plymouth Yarn Company. It makes wonderful scarves!

    Happy knitting and quilting and sewing from Sara in NE

  4. What a great apron! I love aprons, but forget to pull one on too often... Do you wear aprons? Where/how do you store them?

  5. Cute aprons. I have 2 of them made for me by friends and I have really enjoyed them.
    The idea of making them reversible is perfect....two for one.
    I know your friend will love them.

  6. Very cute, I love the simplicity of the functional, and adorable.

    Boo is sleeping now, it's 8 in the morning, Bootsie time predicts lots of sleep.


  7. Thanks for the link. I love a cute apron!! My grandson gave me two aprons for Christmas last year because he said I am his favorite cook! Such praise will get him lots of good food!!

  8. Very cute aprons. The fact that they are reversible is so cool. The fabric is festive...what a great gift!

  9. Super cute!! Something to remember the next time I make aprons!!

    Have a great day!

  10. Those are so cute! I have one similar to this pattern that was given to me.

  11. absolutely adorable...

  12. I really like the design of the apron, especially how it is reversible. It looks like a good project for a semi-beginner sewer too. Your friend is going to love them!

  13. What a lovely and great gift! I love that they are reversible. g

  14. Thanks for this pattern suggestion Nancy. I want to make one for Sophia for when she helps her mom bake. I know I have a kids apron pattern somewhere but if I can't find it I'll look for this one. I wear my aprons all the time. I store it rolled up in a basket with the towels. If I had room in the kitchen I'd hang them on a hook.


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