Monday, December 17, 2012

Contestant #4

Looks like there has been a run on crayon sales, as more coloring contest entries are arriving:
Tea Mouse
She wrote, "Thanks for the contest. It bring out the kid in me.
This reminded me of Christmas as a child. My Mom would
draw a large Christmas scene, and we would help her colour it.
My mom always colored with us. It was especially fun at
Christmas as we sat with our Christmas coloring books and
64 box of crayons, tree twinkling, and carols playing. Thanks
for the memories!

I reduced the size on my work copier, colored it with my newly
purchased 60 box of pencil crayons, cut around it close, then
glued it to some red construction paper and trimmed it. This is
on my fridge when I get home!"
It's not too late to enter the contest. Entries are due before midnight, December 21st. Complete "rules" can be found here.


  1. Hee hee hee . Your coloring contest is spreading simple JOY around blogland

  2. Oh I love it!! I'm going to make time to color mine tomorrow, one way or another!

  3. Cute! Reducing the size so that you can easily display your creation was a great idea.


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