Monday, December 17, 2012

Contestant #3

Looks like it is "game on," as more coloring contest entries are arriving:

She wrote, "Hi Nancy. I was catching up on my
'reading' and saw your contest. I have so much to
do. We are having our family Christmas early.
I thought I just don't have time.  Well, I thought
again and thought heh I can do this before I go to bed.
I was trying to take a picture with my camera and the
timer. Brian was wondering what all the clicking was
and got out of bed and took the picture. Anyways, I
got my "colouring' done. Hopefully, I can go to sleep
now. So here is the little snow man with googly eyes
wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!"

It's not too late to enter the contest. Entries are due before midnight, December 21st. Complete "rules" can be found here.


  1. What a fun thing to do! You come up with great ideas.
    Rebel Follower

  2. What fun! I'm looking forward to seeing all the entries!

  3. Nice touch with the pom pom's, what a fun contest!

  4. Love the pom poms! Oh, I might be inspired...

  5. Merry Christmas to you, too! Love the use of red throughout your picture and frame.


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