Friday, December 7, 2012

Foreign Friday - Guest Post

Today's post features more photos that Sheila (no blog) took on her trip to Japan (April 2012) with her husband, Doug.

Images show the unique restroom features available in Japan.
Sign outside a "family restroom"
I'm not sure if this is a seat for crying babies or a changing table.
Anyone care to guess?
Don't we all wish this would happen!
Train restroom
Note the "Seat Cleanser" sign
Another restroom with wipes to clean toilet seats
Even a button that automatically lowers the toilet seat. 
This restroom offered a bidet and instructions
 on how to use it.
It's clear that Japan has nicer public restrooms than most countries.


  1. Being a really picky washroom user, I think that these might just come up to my


  2. Wow. That's impressive!! I'm rather OCD about restrooms, and those appear more than acceptable.

  3. So interesting to see these washroom details!

  4. Well i have to say that the bathroom in Sequoia National park was the CLEANEST public bathroom I've EVER seen. Japan is on the right track for sure with its standards!

  5. The Japanese know how to design bathrooms, thats for sure. It reminds me of when I visited China. We had just gotten off the plane and were all running for the bathroom. It appeared to be one of those common airport bathroom entrances with two sides (both the same). I was wrong. I'm sure you've probably seen the toilets they use there sometimes, I thought they were urinals mounted in the floor and ran out thinking I was in the wrong bathroom. I had to use one later on the trip, it was difficult! Have you ever had to use one?

  6. Great info on foreign bathrooms. I'm wondering what folks thought of the American tourist taking pictures in the bathroom.

  7. I am really impressed by the signage.

  8. I am so impressed! Just the seat cleaners would be enough to send me into fits of ecstasy!!

  9. These are great! (and yes, you should try a pair of those Turkish Bed Socks, they're one of those patterns you never get tired of making!)


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