Friday, November 16, 2012

Foreign Friday

Bangkok, Thailand
December 1979

Note the temple in the background with the river entrance covered in bright orange/gold cloth.

This earlier post has more photos of the temple.

While the river looks pretty in this photo, it was actually quite polluted.


  1. I'd never have guessed that the two views of the temple were of the same building. Fascinating. Thanks as always, for sharing your travels with us!

  2. It's sad that the very river they need to live on, is so polluted.


  3. I had to look at the other picture of the temple. Oh my goodness, it's beautiful. I also had to look at the fingertip dancing photo. Never have seen that before...and yes the tips on the roof do look like the dancer's metal fingertips. So interesting. I love architecture...thanks for the lesson today!

  4. Pollution is such a depressing thing to see, especially in a country where water is so important to the way of life for many people there.

  5. ewwww I detest canoeing, boating, kayaking in dirty water....


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