Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Some Assembly Required

Yesterday, I finally had the time and the motivation to start on the American Valor quilt from this kit.

All of the pieces are cut, so the top should come together quickly. As shown, the eight stars are nearly finished: the top and bottom pieces just need to be attached. Once the stars are complete, I will be practically home free.


  1. I wonder if I would mind seams as much in sewing as in knitting?

  2. Love the title!
    I'm with Channon, I don't know if I'd like all that seaming. It's hard enough to get it done with my knitting. lol.

  3. That will be a lovely quilt when it's done. I'm so not a quilter - but I do love the look of them. enjoy. g

  4. Wow - that is going to be pretty!


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