Friday, October 28, 2011

Foreign Friday

Unzen Hot Spring
Unzen, Japan
April 1980

Unzen Hot Spring is located at the foot of Mount Unzen, an active volcano. The Japanese as well as tourists flock to this area for the healing waters (both cloudy and clear).

This area reminded me of several areas in Wyoming that have hot springs (Thermopolis, Yellowstone, Saratoga, and an area around Fort Washakie.)

The Mount Unzen violently erupted in 1991 and 43 people (scientists and journalists) died. Prior to eruption, the area was evacuated, preventing further loss of life. 


  1. I hope it feels better than it looks....looks eerie to me.

  2. I bet it makes you feel good though...

  3. does it smell like sulphur there???

  4. It reminds me of Yellowstone, too. Great photo!


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