Monday, October 24, 2011

A Lick and a Promise

 I always panic when the weatherman says a rain/snow storm is coming and the leaves are still on the lawn. One year, 8 inches of snow fell, and getting the yard cleaned for the winter was a long and messy process. I did not want to relive that experience.

The yard guy came by a week ago to pick up the leaves, but the trees had not dropped their leaves completely, which is out of the ordinary. Normally, they are some of the first ones in town to change and drop. Normally, all the leaves come down within one or two days, but not this year.

Yard Guy said he would be back when the leaves are all down, which would usually be fine, but a storm is coming. So, I spent some time on Saturday, raking and bagging leaves.

The leaves in these twelve bags are from one tree, and it still has a ton yet to drop, which is why I wasn't too concerned about picking up every errant leaf. I did a "lick and a promise" pick-up, not a "clean sweep." I picked up another twelve bags of leaves in the front yard. One tree in the front is void of leaves; however, the other one has quite a few hanging on to summer for dear life.

Twenty-four bags stuffed with leaves line the driveway, and the yard waste dumpster is also full. Note my neighbor's yard with nary a stray leaf. I wonder how long it will be so neat once her tree starts shedding.


  1. Our trees are really slow to turn this year. Think we had too much rain this summer. Now we are expecting a cold spell by the end of the week. (no white stuff mentioned quite yet, but it won't be long now). Good luck with your clean up and hopefully you'll get rain and not that lovely white stuff ;)

  2. This has been an odd fall for us too. I think we're at peak now, but there are some trees nearly naked and other still very green, and still others that went straight to brown...

  3. A better workout than a membership at the gym! I feel like those last leaves on your tree--hanging on to summer for dear life. I hate to see it go.

  4. We are completely surrounded by trees and none of them have dropped a significant number of leaves. I think the trees are as confused as I am by the cooler weather we are having. I keep thinking it can't be real and we are surely going to have 100+ weather again.

  5. I had forgotten that saying "A lick and a promise." My grandmother used to say that, but I have not heard anyone use it in a very long time.

    I don't rake often since I live in the country and there are ALWAYS leaves falling. The exception... we have a HUGE magnolia tree growing right over the front of the house. It dumps its huge leave year round since it is an evergreen. They pile up on the roof, sidewalk, steps, and yard. Several times a year I get out there and rake them onto a mat and DH drags them out to the woods. I'm sore for days afterwards!

    Happy fall!

  6. Oh my gosh - that was a LOT of work. Based on the leaf issue, I'm glad I only have one little tree! However, I DO miss having a LOT of trees.

  7. I have been out working on our leaves all morning. With over 2 acres and lots and lots of trees it makes for LOTS AND LOTS of leaves. However, it is worth it to have the trees. As soon as I finished one spot it was filling up again as there was a slight breeze. Oh well, it keeps me out of trouble!
    Rebel Follower

  8. A Lick and a Promise...yes that brought back mom said that... wow you have lots of trees! We use to live where we raked we do have much to rake...the leaves we have ...blow away!

  9. Hokey smokes Rocky!! THAT is a lot of leaves... reminds me of my old place. Unfortunately Mark and I were the yard guys...LOL

  10. Lots of leaves that provided lots of shade last summer! We mulch and blow and rake them here..we are all done..yeah! You have a good start! :)


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