Monday, October 10, 2011

American Valor - Completed

American Valor
Quilt of Valor
66 X 81 inches

American Valor's flimsy was finished on Saturday. It still needs a good pressing and loose threads plucked, but it is done.

The stars were pieced, but the red, white, blue stripes sewn adjacent to them is a striped print. The center of the quilt is a printed panel.

As I posted earlier, I purchased a kit for this quilt. The fabric is a Marcus Fabrics line. The yardage can be purchased online, but finding it requires a search since most is not available on a single site. Search for "American Valor" + "Marcus Fabrics"

The pattern for American Valor is free from Marcus Fabrics.

American Valor featured on Alycia's blog and ready for distribution.


  1. And I quote the Knight. "It's beautiful. I want it." Hem. I'd order the kit, but then he'd actually expect me to make it.

  2. it...what alot of work!! Do you machine the quilting yourself?

  3. That is fabulous!! A beautiful quilt Nancy!

  4. That is a beautiful quilt, Nancy! You do lovely work!

  5. There is a new quilt shop in the neighboring town that carries this. I liked it the first time I saw it displayed there. Your quilt is just lovely too.

  6. LOvely Nancy...just beautiful. You are multitalented

  7. Wow! That quilt is extraordinary!!
    Congratulations on the big finish :)

  8. What a wonderful piece of fabric art you've created there. I knew it was gonna shine! Great job sweetie!

    God bless and have a beautiful week sweetie!!!

  9. I love it. Beautiful job - makes me want to quilt. g

  10. I join with all the others... it looks terrific.

  11. That didn't take long. It went together beautifully. Nice work!


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