Thursday, October 6, 2011

I Got Mine

Don't forget to get your flu vaccine. I got mine yesterday because hand washing alone is not enough to keep the flu bug away.

The flu bug doesn't play fair: he doesn't care if you have are busy with your family or your job. When he hits, it is hard and quick, and you will be down for the count.


  1. I got mine AND a pneumonia shot. Have had pneumonia three times and didn't know I could get a vacine for it.

  2. I'm getting mine next week! This is the first time I have gotten a flu vaccine... never sick. BUT my Dr. convince me it is the thing to do, so for $20 I will gladly get it and not have to worry about the bug.

  3. I got mine too on Tuesday...But they didn't give me a Snoopy band-aide :-/

  4. I got mine too, back in Aug. when they first came out. Had to make sure my middle son had his before going off to college. Stay well!


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