Thursday, June 24, 2010


Over the last two weeks, I have gained a new respect for anyone who has Shingles. I thought that I was tough and could handle pain until I met this foe. I could almost hear the chuckles from the spreading rash and the nearly debilitating ache in my hip.

I was unaware that Shingles could cause joint pain, but it DOES! The ache and pain in my right hip felt like it was right to the very bone, and even minor movement caused extreme discomfort.

Thankfully, my doctor prescribed an antiviral after I saw him on Monday, and by Wednesday morning I could walk without hobbling like an ancient person. For a week, I'll gladly take the HUGE pills three times a day if it means I can walk, sit, or even lay down without pain.

The photo was captured online: trust me, you would not want to see my rash even if I could get a photo without turning myself into a pretzel.

Several years ago, I tried to get a Shingles Vaccine but was denied because I was not over 60. When I qualify, the vaccination will be a gift to myself. Yes, I am a wimp, and I have great RESPECT for this disease.


  1. So awful...didn't know you could get a vacine for it. Hope you feel better SOON!

  2. Shingles sounds horrible! I hope the pain gets better soon.

  3. I know that Shingles are awful! Sad thing is, you just have to "sit and wait" for the medicine to work...

    Hope it continues to get better. Good advice...take the vaccine as soon as possible!

    (I am surprised they didn't offer it to you since you have PHN)..

    I said a prayer for you today...

  4. OUCH! Hope you are better soon,

  5. Oh dear!!! That does sound painful! Hope you feel better soon!

  6. My dad had shingles twice, one time being on his eyelid! I'm sorry you have it, and I certainly hope you get better quickly! HUGS!

  7. Sorry you're having so much discomfort! What brought on the shingles?

    Take care of yourself!!
    Melisa (hugs)

  8. I have heard that shingles are very painful. I'm so sorry you have them. Praying for a full recovery....


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