Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Have a "Nice Day"

Look what I found last week! 

My luck has changed: I finally found a yellow, smiling VW in a local parking lot.  The black headrests make it difficult to see the "eyes." The white headrests on the blue one found in Colorado are more visible.

Now, I am hunting for a Cherry Red VW bug.


  1. Ever since your first post about the bugs, I've been looking out for ya. I don't see many of the *eyes* around these parts, but I look.

  2. I like that grin! cute, cute!

  3. I love yellow cars with black interiors. It makes me think of bumblebees just humming down the road.

  4. Cute! My kids always played Slugbug when they saw a VW Beetle. Now my granddaughter plays it. A red VW is 10 points!

  5. Interesting hobby you have there. :-)

    I saw the cutest lime green Kia hatchback a couple times during the last few days. Wish it was mine!!

  6. ever since you have started this, I am noticing the SMILE!

  7. Nancy you could say the yellow one is blinking at you. One eye open the other shut. They are both beautiful cars. Hope you can find a Red one. Deb


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