Thursday, June 10, 2010

"The dog ate my. . ."

"The dog ate my homework!"

I wish I could remember how many times I actually heard that statement from one of my students. It was usually uttered by someone who haven't attempted or finished their homework, but now I wonder if some of them could have been telling the truth.
It was one of my knitting buddies that changed my mind. You see, her dog actually ate . . 
her sock!

And not just any sock, but the first attempt at knitting a sock. She took the class with me about three years ago, but she never got the hang of it. I told her to find her sock and we would work on it together. She had just finished the gusset and was ready to cruise when her dog chewed the top of the cuff and totally gnawed the heel.
She was left with an air-conditioned wool sock.

Thankfully, the dog spared her needles and most of the remaining yarn, so she may be able to knit a pair of short-cuffed socks.

I have gained a new respect for the statement, "the dog ate my homework."


  1. Too funny. My dog did the same thing to my favorite Woolrich sweater. She survived only because she was too cute to kill! LOL

  2. Oh boy, can I identify!! My Molly chewed up the pair of footies I made out of Lorna's Laces (they were pink and favorite) and my Pippi Longstockings socks I made last year. I was NOT happy!!

  3. Oh, no! Reminds me of the time Mother was getting ready for a funeral,and left her hat box on the bed.( This was a LONG time ago.)She was rushing around to get there on time. When she arrived back home, she was astonished to see that the new rat terrier Daddy had gotten several weeks before had managed to climb on the bed and permanenetly re-decorate all her favorite hats! I don't think I have ever seen her so mad!



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