Friday, June 18, 2010

Down to the Dregs

I am using the smallest balls of Rena's scrap yarn to make winter hats for the elementary school recess box. I have enough to make four more hats, and then all of the scrap yarn will be used. These simple hats make great television knitting.

Rena's yarn enabled me to knit numerous items for charity: seven Baby Surprise Jackets, at least eight hats, and six squares to be added to other squares to make a blanket.

Thanks, Rena!


  1. Hi Nancy!! Do you only use wool, or sometimes acrylic or other yarns too??

  2. Thanks Rena but an even bigger thanks to Nancy!!!

  3. I know myself that it feels great when you have accomplished something by using only scraps. I'm glad Rena sent the scraps to you!

  4. beautiful work, Nancy. Of course you always make beautiful things. Maybe I'll have to go back to knitting.

  5. You continue to amaze me with the gifts God has given you. What even makes it better is the fact you donate your time to others. God bless you.


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