Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Side Tracked

It started with a pile of blocks and strips cut months ago out of odd-shaped scraps. I joined the pieces as leaders and enders while working on my half-square triangle blocks to avoid wasting thread.

Curiosity then got the better of me and I began sewing them together to make larger blocks. These scrappy blocks are 10 inches and a completed top will eventually be donated to the Heart Strings Quilt Project.

Now, I have two on-going projects on my wall: my focus has been side tracked.


  1. I love this one...reminds me of the baby quilt I rescued...

  2. Even though you're side tracked, I'm sure you'll get both quilts finished in good time. Good luck!

  3. I do the very same thing. I get sidetracked so easy! I once called my granddaughter a jumping bean because she couldn't focus on one project and my daughter laughed, she said she is just like me. And she is!

    You need to see how the blocks are turning out, what if you do all that work and you don't like it??? I love scrappy quilts and so will the recipient of this one.

  4. blame it on the weather! They look lovely. I am ready for spring.

  5. I like that. So much to look at.


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