Friday, January 15, 2010

Golden Curls

My mother really wanted a little girl, but her first three children were boys. (She was eventually blessed with three girls, of which I am the youngest).

Perhaps it was for a laugh, but my mother dressed my second oldest brother (Rich) as a little girl for this and several other photos.

His hair was long and was sometimes curled in long ringlets.

These two photos were taken in the 1930s on the family farm.

Rich had dark hair as an adult, but when he was young it was gold, a deep gold that glinted in the sun. I know because my Mom kept the curls in an envelope in her handkerchief box.

After Mom died, the envelope of curls disappeared. I would love to have at least one of the golden curls.


  1. People did things differently back then. I don't think it was uncommon to dress boys as girls for a photo. I remember a picture of my dad dressed as a girl when he was little.

  2. how funny! His hair was lovely :)

  3. My uncle (who just turned 80) wore a dress until he was 2 years old. My grandmother said that was just how they dressed little tots back then. I think it made it easier to change diapers!


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