Friday, January 8, 2010

She Loves Me!

My sister, Marilyn always asks what I want for Christmas, and the last two years I told her I wanted four placemats. This year, I got my wish. She used Kansas Troubles fabric by Moda and took the layout from a photo she saw online. The fabric matches my dishes, which are red, blue, green, yellow, and purple.

Aren't the mats beautiful?

I like how the star frames the plate.

I think she loves me, but don't tell her I said that.


  1. Very pretty and like you love how the star frames the plate.

  2. You have a very nice sister! I love them and yes, they are beautiful!

  3. I love receiving handmade gifts.

  4. Nancy, do you have a pic of the blankies you did for kathy at irisheyes blog?
    i would so love to see them ...

  5. what a perfect block to use as a place mat... I wonder how big the block is? 12"??

    Lucky you to have a sister! ;)

    Happuy 2010 & Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  6. Yes Nancy they are incredibly beautiful. I would only eat rice on them. A stain on them would break my heart.

  7. Oh my...I do love those place mats! I love your sister too!! LOL


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