Thursday, January 7, 2010

Life in the Details

Victorian House Counted Cross-stitch
finished in 1991

I made several holiday decorations for the door of this Victorian House, but I frequently forget to change them.

Two of my goals this year are to change the calendars on time and to wind the clocks regularly - simple tasks but so hard to remember - everyday items lost in the shuffle of Life.


  1. I guess I won't have to worry about changing the months on the calendar this year, since I keep forgetting to buy a 2010 calendar. :)

  2. I usually go buy my calendar when they get clearanced. Or I get one of the freebees companies give my parents. This past year I've used one from Humana, an insurance co. maybe?

  3. I was gifted two calendars this year. Your cross stitch is lovely!

  4. people have calenders? Oh, that's right, someone gave me a day planner this summer. (rummaging around) Found it! usually I just check the date on the corner of my computer screen! How's your cold??


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