Friday, January 22, 2010

Down the Rabbit Hole

Not much crafting has occurred the last two days because I've fallen into a rabbit hole. I put my knitting needles aside, turned off my sewing machine and settled down to read.

Snuggled in my knitting chair with this book almost makes me feel guilty - almost. Nearly all of James Patterson's books capture my interest, and this one is no exception.

Then, I discovered this tile game on my computer. Oh my, this game is ADDICTIVE, worse than eating potato chips, in my opinion.

Yes, I fell into a rabbit hole of sloth, and I'm enjoying myself.


  1. Now you've gone and done it by showing two of my favorites: Mahjong and Good Earth tea.

  2. So glad you have given yourself permission to just enjoy:)

  3. Enjoy your time in the rabbit hole. Nothing like a good book and good tea. I've grounded myself from computer games. ;-)

  4. I am gald! It is fun sometimes to just enjoy yourself and not be so productive...I love his books too!

  5. I think you are due for a break. Enjoy!

  6. Enjoy the timeoff, you've earned it!

  7. Ahhh...James Patterson...such a wonderful writer, eh? My daughter has recently discovered him, and now that she's 18, I'm sort-of comfortable with her reading his stuff, even though it can, at times, scare the bejeepers out of you! Good for you for doing something a little different. I'm sure your hands are thanking you for the rest!


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