Thursday, August 20, 2009

Location, Location

Oh my, what a difference fabric placement makes. I am much happier with this August block!

It does not appear as heavy as my first attempt and is much more appealing to the eye.

Lesson learned: location, location, location is not just a concept for real estate.

Which fabric placement do you prefer?


  1. I like the second block better, but the first is pretty too!

  2. I love the first one b/c it shows more color, but I love the pattern of the 2nd one better!! Not sure if that helps you!! lol

    (By the way, thanks for the liquid o2 info you posted on my blog! I have called them, and they are going to set up something soon to come here and explain everything about it. Then I can decide whether or not I'd like to try it, and if I want to, they'll switch everything then and there! I'll be keeping everyone posted! :))

  3. Oh, now I really like this block! So much better than the first sample!! Well done!

  4. On it's own, I like the lighter version, but ya know, putting them next to one another is really cool, especially if you lighten up the dark one just a tad! This could be the start of something BIG!

  5. Oh yeah! the second one does a great job of color and design both. Nice job. (And, no

  6. Hello,
    I like more your last version.
    Thanks for share all those beautiful rugs, great job.

  7. I don't think the first one is bad, but the second one is more pleasing to look at--better contrast between fabrics.

  8. I, like you, prefer the second one...shows the different colors and shapes more clearly.

  9. I like the right hand side placement.
    A traditonal star is easy on my eyes and mind.
    I am happiest with simple right now !
    and familiar.
    the star is familiar to me and so lovely

  10. I prefer the second... but then me & red...dont go together! LOL.


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