Thursday, August 27, 2009

Knotty Yarn

I like the look of this sock, but I am displeased with the yarn. While knitting the first sock, I found three places where the yarn was knotted, and when I wound the remaining yarn after finishing the sock, I discovered three additional knots. I understand that yarn does and will break during the manufacturing process, but to have six knots in one skein is five too many for me. I do not allow knots in my work and get cranky when I have so many ends to weave. The yarn makes a nice, dense sock. I just do not like the abundance of knots in this particular skein.

I've had a few people ask how to make a matched pair of socks from self-striping yarn. The trick is to begin the cast-on at a distinctive color change. I make note of where I began and do the same on the second sock. I am seldom disappointed with the result. This pair may change my luck since it is plagued with knots, but so far it is behaving.


  1. I would be very frustrated with 6 knots!! There was a discussion on one of my groups about the goodwill that yarn companies should put forth when something like this occurs; the $10-12 they have to invest to replace your yarn is minimal compared to the bad publicity.

    I've never used Kertzer... do you like it?

  2. I've used this brand of yarn a lot (the cotton/wool blend) and have rarely come across a knot. The company really should have caught this skein before it went out with their name on it. Six knots is too many!

  3. I echo all the complaints of the knots and want to say thank you for explaining how to make a match:)

  4. Yes, knots definitely make it hard to match up your socks. Despite the knots your yarn is really the blues :)


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