Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Polishing Off the Pink

Does this happen to your needles?

I don't know how old these size 8 needles are, but they have made countless dishcloths and other small items. I think it is odd that the finish does not wear off evenly on my needles. (I have several sizes that resemble this pair.)

I finished knitting with the pink cotton yarn yesterday. I made 10 cloths from the thrifted cone yarn, with a total of 18 cloths made since the first of August.

Admittedly, I am tired of pink and tired of knitting dishcloths. It is time to move on to a different project.


  1. You did well to stay with it until you ran out of yarn. I probably would have gotten tired of it much sooner.

  2. Kudos to you for sticking with the task! I probably would have quit after 5.

  3. Bravo! It's so easy to get bored with a solid color. I have some needles worn like that but not nearly so bad.

  4. I have needles that look just like yours with the finish worn off - more on one needle than the other! I have to admit they are my favorite :)
    Enjoy your new project...I'm ready to knit some cloths myself!

  5. Oh yes my needles do look like that. Well worn, a badge of honor


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