Monday, August 24, 2009

Gift Goals

As the temperatures start to dip, my thoughts turn to colder days ahead. This year I hope to knit or sew all of my Christmas gifts. This week, I am a pair of socks closer to that goal and another pair started.

The finished socks were made from On Line sock yarn (75% wool and 25% nylon); the socks in progress are being knit from On Your Toes sock yarn, also 75% wool and 25% nylon. I plan to use yarn and fabric from my stash, so the impact on my budget will be minimal.

Let the Holiday knitting begin!


  1. No change in weather here, but I'm getting started on holiday knitting anyway.

  2. Oh...I like that colorway!!!

  3. These are great! Not sure how you managed how to get them to match so perfectly but then you do amazing things.

  4. Wow, your a fast knitter! The socks look warm!

  5. Wow....impressed as always by you....I am hoping to update my blog soon..LOl I got started and got side treacked...LOL

    Hope you are still feeling well ...
    Hugs :))

  6. I bet you are glad you have a stash now ;)

    Love your socks!

  7. I love your socks! The colors and pattern are so pretty. I would love to receive a pair- your family and friends have lots to look forward to.

    Joyce from WV

  8. OH the socks are so are so talented. Someday I will have to try my knitting skills again and make socks...Happy Knitting. DEB};o


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