Saturday, August 29, 2009

Naughty, Knotty Yarn

Yes, the socks are finished, but not without some major frustration. You already know about the knot problem, but as I got further into the skein, my frustrations multiplied.

I just passed the gusset on the second sock, when I hit the first knot, so I spliced the yarn and continued to knit while I watched a movie. Distracted by the movie, I did not notice that the colorway was off until I had knit about an inch. When the yarn was knotted by the manufacturer, the wrong end was used, causing the colorway to go backwards! Aaaargh!

I frogged the sock back to the yarn change, and then began to rewind the ball to right the problem. Not as easy as it appeared. Remember that I said there were three knots? Well each time the yarn was knotted, it was tied to the wrong end, causing the colorway to switch back and forth. Double Aaaargh!

After some expletives, which I will spare you from reading, I got the yarn straightened out and managed to finish the second sock and an almost-matched pair of socks. You will notice that the toe on the second sock is different, a minor blemish.

I was so disgusted with this skein of yarn that I emailed the company. I know that I may never hear from them, but at least they heard from me about this naughty, knotty skein.


  1. You are a patient, patient person! These turned out great. I hope you get a decent response from the company.

  2. congratulations on your perseverence! I got a headache just THINKING about it!

  3. Those socks were more work than they should have been, but they turned out great. You did a good job of matching the stripes.

  4. As a novice knitter, I learned a lot from your posts on knitting this yarn. I would never have thought about how to make the socks match, for one thing...well, not before I knit a pair, I mean. Then it would have hit me! Thanks for the pointers - your socks are beautiful.


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