Friday, August 28, 2009

Picking & Pressing

My mission is to clear all the odd scraps from previous quilts out of my sewing room by the end of the year. The box of scraps from Scrappy Spools is my first project.

Ironically, Scrappy Spools was also made from scraps of another quilt - Duluth Stars. Nearly all of the scraps from Scrappy Spools are triangles, trimmed off of a four-patch to make the spools. I've been picking the remaining stitches out of these trimmings, ironing the triangles (or near triangles), and sorting them by color.
I am going to sew these triangles on a strip of solid fabric (a milk-chocolate brown) and eventually make pinwheels for a lap quilt. Now that they have been picked and pressed, the scraps are ready to be turned into something useful.


  1. It will be pretty neat if you can get one more quilt out of this fabric.

  2. after the pieces get so small, I have to push them off the end of the cutting table into the trash! I would never make a Bonnie Hunter (or a Nancy!)

  3. THAT is one interesting "spool" pattern! Good luck and I'll be watching for progress on the quilt, AND on the tub of scraps - you have a LOT!

  4. I truly understand your unwillingness to part with something that might still be useful. I'm pretty much hemmed in by a lot of that kind of stuff.! Have a good weekend.

  5. Gee Nancy:
    Get going girl... I want to see what you are making. And, how big will the half square triangles turn out? Along with that at what size do you throw up your arms and say "ENOUGH". I've made hst that end up 1.5" -- but haven't done anything with them yet. But, I might, some day, maybe...


  6. good going girl! I like using the small cut triangles for pinwheels also. Would love to see the finished product...

  7. Those are very pretty colors and inspire me to sort my scraps by color too! You are really workin' that yardage, making a scrap quilt from a scrap quilt!

  8. I was going to comment on your Scrappy Spools because it is so interesting, but am surprised that I've already done so, without even remembering! the layout is so darned interesting, I'm amazed I didn't copy the photo!

    Keep working away on your scraps - you're making excellent headway and the result is the completion of several really nice quilts!


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