Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Woman Prevents Hospital Lawsuit

Dramatic, yes, but that's my story.

Auxiliary members are required to wear an identification badge while working at the hospital. Monday, my ID lanyard broke and scattered beads, literally, all over the lobby. The only option other than wait for housekeeping to come with a vacuum was to get down on my hands and knees to retrieve the hazard before they caused someone to fall and sue the hospital. Not very lady-like, but I was able to get find nearly all of them. **

Once I had the beads picked up, I set out to salvage the lanyard by restringing the beads. The beads were originally strung on wire and the wire came undone on only one side. I got the beads on the wire but could not figure out a way to secure it to guarantee that it would not come undone again. I used dental floss for the repair, and I think it is going to work great. Order has been restored and all is right with the world.

** Only my dignity was harmed in the repair of this lanyard.


  1. Your poor dignity! Glad you were able to get it fixed though.

  2. Nancy you did good, so glad you were able to get down there and scoop up the beads. You did save the day. Awesome job on the repair - I used to carry dental floss with me. I think I'll start again - it comes in handy.


  4. Dental floss to the rescue! Good idea.

  5. Phew! What a gripping story! LOL!!! You are a character, Nancy! ;-Þ


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