Sunday, December 14, 2008

One a Day

Seven hats in seven days, all from scrap and oddball wool.

These hats will be given to a local charity. Since the high temperature today was only 4 degrees, I am sure they will be appreciated.


  1. Nancy, you rock!!!! GREAT job on the hats, my generous knitting friend.

  2. Delicious hats - especially with this weather!!! Wish I had several.

    We never got over ZERO today, and I fear will be much colder tonight! Hey, did you send it to us? 8-))

  3. Amazing. Your fingers must ache. Someone will appreciate the warmth along with the style. You are a very generous person.

  4. Wow...a hat a day...that is alot of knitting!! what a great way to use up your stash of bits and pieces.

    We have a cold front coming in here - hopefully notwhat you have. I finally started sewing my fleece hats today again.

  5. Nice work! These hats will be appreciated.

  6. that is fantastic, Nancy. I don't think I could manage to knit that much in one day (apparently my ADD extends to knitting too). Good job!


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