Sunday, December 7, 2008

Just Keep Knitting, Knitting. . .

Remember the movie "Finding Nemo"? When the search seemed impossible, Dory gave the sound advice of "just keep swimming, swimming, swimming" It also works when the yarn is piled all over the house and something must be done with it before the department of health intervenes.

I made three cowls out of the blue yarn and another one out of some handspun pink/blue and started another one, using scrap sock yarn. The finished cowls are blocked and ready for gifting. Even though I liked the curled edge, they do look better blocked. Thank you for the suggestions.

Then an Oddball Baby Blanket arrived in the mail. I worked on Little Boy Blue earlier, but the group needed a pinch knitter, so I volunteered. I rarely see the blankets with so many knitted sections, and it was a treat to see the progression of this blanket.

Update: April 25, 2009

Little Boy Blue is finished.


  1. I like the blanket. About how big is it?

  2. It neat for us to see this blanket, too.


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