Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Past

Nancy and Cathy R.
approx. 1957
My mother loved Christmas and always made it special with all kinds of sweets, treats, and treasures - most homemade. My parents' room was strictly off limits from October through Christmas.

During my childhood all of ourChristmas trees were real. The high school FFA (Future Farmers of America) sold trees at the school, at the local fire house, or at the local grocery store. Many of the trees were pathetic, and my brother would drill holes in the trunk where there were bare spots and attach some bottom branches to improve the appearance. We had "Charlie Brown" trees before the term was even penned by Charles Schultz. My mother hung tinsel on the tree, one icicle at a time. Some years the tree was literally covered with tinsel, applied one bit at a time. The tree sparkled all day in the sunlight and at night from the colorful lights.

We always opened gifts on Christmas morning, but not early like most families. My excitement was hard to contain, but contain it I must because living on a dairy farm meant that the cows had priority. The tempting packages under the tree had to wait until the milking was done, the barn cleaned, and the cows fed. The morning seemed to never end. 

Santa knew that I would get anxious, so he left a toy, usually a doll, unwrapped to occupy me. Of all the dolls I received from the jolly elf, the one in the photo was a favorite. I still have the doll and several dresses that Mom made for her. My friend Cathy (in the photo with the bear) lived about a mile away.

Sometimes a smell, a sound, or a situation causes a flicker of a past Christmas. The moments are fleeting, but if I am quick, I can recapture some of the special magic of Christmas Past.


  1. I constantly have memories of Christmas past as a kid, with my sisters. One that is coming to mind at the moment is when I pulled my baby sister away from the tree, and it toppled over onto her! Oops! lol I should bring that up on Thursday, wonder if she remembers it?? LOL

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! :)

  2. Nancy I wish I had pictures from the past. It is so nice when you talk about the yester years it always sounds like a year ago.

    Blessings to you and may you have a Joyous Christmas. Love Deb

  3. What a nice post, Nancy! Isn't it amazing how Christmas, more than any other time of the year, it seems, conjures up so many memories? That is such a sweet picture, and I'm in awe that you still have that doll.

    I had some treasured toys as a child, mostly dolls, but I don't know what became of them. My mom was always cleaning out my room and getting rid of things I no longer played with. I wish she'd saved them for when I got older and more sentimental. ;-) I did manage to hang onto my Barbie dolls, though.

  4. Great memories Nancy -- reminds me of some of mine but we didn't live on a dairy farm -- my Granma did :o) so I know of what you speak.
    Sometimes I wish this newer generation understood the waiting part.
    Merry Christmas

    Remember smiling is contagious

  5. Waiting??? kids these days have no patience or concept of chores it seems.
    I love that photo! It makes me want to dig out some of my old Christmas photos.


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