Friday, December 5, 2008

Stash Buster Report

The yarn featured in the December Pillow Talk provided two cowls (the pattern calls them gaiters), and I have enough left over for a shorter version. It is on the needles and should be finished today unless something comes up and I can't knit. I haven't decided if I want to block the cowls or not. I like the "curl" at the top and bottom, but the recipients may prefer to have a straight edge. I will have to ponder that for a while. Any suggestions?

The cowl pattern is in Creative Knitting, November 2008. The stitch is called chevron lace and is an easy lace pattern.


  1. Pretty. I love the color! I'd probably go ahead and block it lightly. I think it will enhance the lace stitches. You can always let it dry with the edges curled, if you want to keep that feature.

  2. I'd block it since it is a gift. I think gaiter is the old fashioned word for cowl isn't it?
    I have given up on the lace knitting thing for now. I am just not focused enough for it these days it seems.

  3. What gorgeous thread! I am a newbie knitter and love references to helpful sites- Thanks!

  4. are so talented:)

    I am also so happy our Mason is home and getting better each day..prayers continue that he is stronger each day..He actually made it to chat last night:))

    Take care and stay warm...


  5. Nancy I love the color, beautifully knitted. You do such awesome work. Love Deb.


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