Wednesday, December 3, 2008

December Pillow Talk

A main goal this month is to use some yarn from my stash. This week, I finished the cranberry shawl from some "mystery" yarn that I purchased at a yard sale. It feels like wool, and I think it has some mohair in it. The shawl is for February's All Crafts for Charity project. The shawl is a simple triangle garter stitch wrap. I will use scraps yarn to make some 12 inch squares for the same project.

The lavender hat is made from some wool that I got through Freecycle. A woman gave me three skeins for the wool, some needles. I used a double strand of wool for the brim to keep my ears warm on cold, winter days. She also gave me two balls of purchased wool that is labeled as unscoured wool, a new term to me. I did some research and discovered very little information, but what I did find makes me wonder if I should knit with it. However, I did find some lovely hats on this site made with unscoured wool. Has anyone had experience knitting with unscoured wool?

The hank of yarn on the right is wool, silk, and angora. It is destined to become cowls for Christmas gifts if I can get them made in time.

These completed projects have only put a slight dent in my yarn stash. To do any major damage, I need to doggedly focus on knitting.


  1. I wish I lived in your town. I could use some serious lessons in knitting! I'm trying to get better, but my ph brain get too overwhelmed! You are so talented!

  2. Oh, that blue yarn looks delightfully divine!!!

    I love how creative you are with your stash! I plan on doing quite a bit of stash busting while I'm off during Christmas vacation!

  3. I think the unscoured wool will be fine to use. The extra lanolin will soften your hands as you knit!

  4. I am awed by what you can do. I love the blue color very beautiful.

  5. What suggestive titles you come up with! I really like the hat. They never stay on my head.

  6. adorable pillow! My mom sort of collects Christmas pillows. They are a lot of fun.

    I'm starting to feel scared about the amount of stuff I want to finish for Christmas.


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