Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Peaceful Pastimes

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I did not plan to make most of the items listed below. The Lord provided the time to do them and an abundance of materials through donations from strangers, from thrift shop bargains, and from long forgotten items in my own closet, so I used those supplies to knit and to sew.

Most items were made for charities and a few for gifts and personal use. Charity items are indicated by a *. While I did not keep track of the amount of yarn that I used for these projects, it would be interesting to calculate.

I am in awe of the generosity of those who donated the yarn. It is not uncommon for me to come home and find one or two bags of yarn on my doorstep. I have no idea who leaves most of the bags.

I feel knitting items for charity is something the Lord wants me to do. I am humbled by this call.

January 2008
* Burp cloths (20 for Abba's House)
* Cotton bib (for Baby Pack Project)
* Guidepost Sweaters (2)
* Receiving blankets (18 for Abba's House)
* Receiving blankets (4 for Baby Pack Project)
Twined Rug (Runner)

February 2008
* Guidepost Sweaters (2)
Rib cuffed socks (4 pr)

March 2008
Icehouse socks
* Newborn Hats (13)
* Oddball Baby Blanket (Happy Crayons)
* Oddball Baby Blanket (Neon Fun)
Twined Rug (medium)

April 2008
Marathon Socks (rib cuffs/heels)
* Newborn Hats (25)
* Oddball Baby Blanket (Berry Bliss)
* Oddball Baby Blanket (Cotton Candy)
* Oddball Baby Blanket (Summer Fun)
* Oddball Preemie Blanket (Cotton Candy)
* Oddball Preemie Blanket (Summer Blossoms)

May 2008
* Newborn hat w/socks (for AC4C)
* Oddball Baby Blanket (Easter Basket)
* Oddball Baby Blanket (Firetruck Lane)
* Oddball Baby Blanket (Just Ducky)
* Oddball Baby Blanket (Rainbow Blocks)
* Oddball Baby Blanket (Red Roses)
* Oddball Baby Blanket (Speed Racer)
* Oddball Preemie Blanket (Bubble Gum)
* Oddball Preemie Blanket (Lavender's Green)
Twined Rug (medium)
Twined Rug (2 small)
* Wool, newborn hats (10 for afghans for Afghans)
* Wool, newborn hats (14) and mitts (3 pr for All Crafts for Charity)

June 2008
* Cool ties (39 for Ships Project)
Mineshaft socks
* Slipper Sox (3 pr for Ships Project)

July 2008
* Cool ties (30 for troops in Iraq)
* Newborn hats (15 for Riverton Mem. Hospital)
* Oddball Baby Blanket (Desert Sand)
* Oddball Baby Blanket (Neon Rainbow)
* Oddball Baby Blanket (Pastel Rainbow)
Prayer Shawl for friend w/cancer
* Receiving blankets (17 for Abba’s House)

August 2008
* Oddball Baby Blanket (Grand Canyon Sunset)
* Oddball Baby Blanket (Purple Mtns. Majesty)
* Oddball Baby Blanket (Rain Forest)

September 2008
* Oddball Baby Blanket (Tropical Plantation)
* Wool sweaters (2 for afghans for Afghans)
Baby Doll Sweater (1 for great-niece)

October 2008
* Baby Quilt (1 for Riverton Mem. Hospital)
* Chemotherapy hats (4 for Balboa Hospital)
* Oddball Baby Blanket (Lemonade Stand)
* Oddball Baby Blanket (Pumpkin Pie)
* Oddball Baby Blanket (Puppy Love)
* Oddball Baby Blanket (Strawberry Shortcake)
Rib cuffed socks (2 pr)
* Wool vest (1 for afghans for Afghans)
American Girl Doll Sweater (1 for great-niece)

November 2008
* Mini Christmas Stockings (7 for Riverton Mem. Hospital Aux. Sale)
* Mini Stockings (10 for troops in Iraq)
* Oddball Preemie Blanket (Pacific Blues)
* Ribbed cuffed socks (1 pr for Riverton Mem. Hospital Aux. Sale)
Twined Rug (medium for Christmas gift)
Two-color Christmas Stocking
* Wash cloths (4 for Riverton Mem. Hospital Aux Sale)

December 2008
* Triangular Shawl (1 for All Crafts for Charity project)
* Wool hats with garter ridges (7)
* Wool Beanie (1)
* Wool earflap hat (1)
Chevron Lace Cowls (6)
Noah's Ribbed Cuff Socks
* Oddball Baby Blanket (Lime Sherbet)
* Short-cuffed socks (5)

March and April 2008
* Oddball Shawl (Flower Garden)

July and November 2008
* Oddball Shawl (Rainy Days)

July and September 2008
* Youth socks (3 pr for afghans for Afghans)

August and September 2008
* Oddball Shawl (Angel Wings)

October and December 2008
* Oddball Baby Blanket (Little Boy Blue)


  1. Nancy,
    I have always been in awe of all the knitting and donating you do.You truly have a gift and I am sure it is apprecieated by many.Thank you for the kindness you share to everyone.
    Happy New Year !

  2. WOW, Nancy!! How awesome that you got to make all those items! I hope you will be able to make just as much in the new year! Happy 2009!

  3. Your example of knitting for others is an encouragement to me. And I know the items you've donated have touched many lives in a positive way. May God continue to bless you with the ability to help others in this way.

  4. Nancy, you are amazing! Just wish you were nearby to teach me some of that stuff. You are so gifted. Love you! mb

  5. If I lived nearby, I would leave yarn on your doorstep too. I hang on to it thinking I will want to use it later. I just need to let it go. What a great thing you do and so much time involved.

  6. You are such an inspiration to me, Nancy, in many ways!

    Happy New Year!

  7. You are amazingly generous. I had no idea how much you knitted for others. WOW. Happy new year

  8. Wow! You did a lot. I started knitting last month. My first project is a red scarf for my daughter...I am almost finished and it is crooked! There are a few loops hanging out too...but it is is my first time knitting at all and I am looking forward to the next project...any suggestions?

  9. What a wonderful and inspiring list. Thank you for sharing it.

  10. Wow..truly amazing:))
    You are wonderful and I am sure all those folks appreciated all this...You are one busy lady..

    This is your calling..and what a wonderful job you do:) Keep up the great job...

  11. WOW Nancy that is awesome. The time spent do all those things are so worth it. Thanks for all your hard to those in need.

    I started a Christmas table cloth 6 yrs ago, still not finished. You are awesome. Blessings to you, Love Deb.

  12. Nancy,
    Don't you want to move to Houston for a while so that you can teach me to do some of that stuff. i would love to be able to do what you do.
    Great Job!!


  13. What a wonderful thing you do Nancy! And oh my have you had a busy year!! It is wonderful that people donate yarn to your cause. You put me to shame with all the charity knitting that you do.
    I hope that you never have to stop.


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