Sunday, December 21, 2008

Not Quite an Oddball

The West Coast Oddball Knitting group has completed 10 blankets since July, and other blankets are near completion. You can see all of the blankets on the group blog.

I started a blanket on my own in July, but Christmas knitting soon took priority. The blanket was stuffed into a bag and nearly forgotten.

In my quest to finish projects before the end of 2008, I discovered the blanket. This week, I have worked on it every evening, and tonight, I finished it. In true Oddball style, I changed the stitch pattern every four inches.

I hope that the coordinator can find someone who will crochet a border on the blanket so it can be added to the other completed blankets.

The blanket needs a name. Any ideas?

Update: Thanks to the suggestions, this blanket is being named Lime Sherbet.

Update: January 22, 2009

Lime Sherbet has a border and is now officially complete. Thank you Mary for adding the border.


  1. very cute blanket! If I think of a name I like, I'll come back and post again. :)

  2. Lime-pineapple sherbert, yum! At first I thought lime-marshmallow, but that just doesn't sound very yummy.

  3. I had thought lime sherbet too. :)


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