Déjà vu (Noro #2)

Noro scarf #2
June 2022

The first Noro scarf was finished in May, and once it was off the needles, I gathered the last four balls of Silk Garden from my stash and cast on another one. Currently, I am over half way and chugging along at a steady pace. 

I have no plans for these scarves, so they’ll go into a gift/giveaway bin. Slowly my yarn stash is getting to a more manageable stage. 


  1. So pretty. "More Manageable" - love that term!

  2. "Is yarn supposed to be manageable?" said the yarn hoarder.

  3. Such pretty "autumn" colors. I like having a gift/donation stack too - of quilts. A goal of having the stash be more manageable sounds like a goal I should establish for myself.

  4. A very beautiful scarf--good for you to build up the gift bin and cut down on the 'older' yarn!

  5. That is such a pretty yarn and the scarf shows it well. I love having a few made up things in a bin ready to be gifted if needed. "Managable" stash sounds lovely to me but I go through so much yarn that I shop sales whenever possible to keep the stash up. I don't just look at it and collect it like some yarn lovers say on YouTube. I can't believe how many have entire rooms, sometimes more than one, of yarn, and they tell you that they'll never knit or crochet with it because they just like knowing it's there where they can look at it or touch it. Mine gets rotated through on a regular basis.

  6. The autumnal colors are very pretty in this one.


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