Towering Pines

Mountain View Cemetery
Riverton, WY
July 2021

Last week, I took a long, delayed road trip to the area of Wyoming I will always call home because it is where I was born and raised. Other than visiting friends and familiar areas, I stopped at the local cemetery. Because of the pandemic, I haven't made my yearly Memorial Day visits to place flowers on my parents and my brothers' graves, so I felt compelled to stop and tidy the area around their gravestones. 

The cemetery was peaceful and pleasantly cool on the 100+ degree day due to the towering pine trees. The pine trees have grown so much that they provide a thick canopy over the narrow road separating the grassy sections. 


  1. What a peaceful place--I love the look of these pine trees-so full and I bet they smelled wonderful. Glad you got to stop and tidy up for family.

  2. That does look like a peaceful spot. I haven't visited my parents' gravesite in about 3 years. And it has been much much longer since I visited my maternal grandparents' graves at Fort Snelling in Minneapolis. We sought out my paternal grandparents' graves in Kansas in 2019 when we went for a reunion. It has become way too easy to not visit them as they are all so far away. But I do need to make a pilgrimage again.

  3. That looks like a lovely, restful place.

  4. How lovely! When we were kids my grandmother took us to the cemetery all the time to neaten up the sites. I don't even know where she is buried now. The family decided to put themselves all over the map instead of staying in one place and I've lost them all. My own parents wanted to be cremated and put in the Chesapeake Bay but I still have them here. I just can't dump them. I am going to have to let my kids do it when I'm gone. Until then they can just continue to sleep peacefully in my yarn stash closet.

  5. What a beautiful, peaceful place. I'm glad you could make the trip Nancy. We are hoping to get to the cemetery where my parents and my Dad's parents (and other relatives) are buried this Fall when we are in Vermont. It's been a number of years.

  6. I think grave tending is a great thing. Beauty of an area to be at rest!

  7. Beautiful.

    Steve and I used to walk in cemeteries in Orlando. They were always nicely treed and very quiet.
    It was interesting to see the different tombstones or memorial stones that people chose. There were some very pretty (and large) ones at one of the cemeteries in Winter Park.

  8. I hope you got to visit with friends too or relatives. Cemeteries are so peaceful...glad you got to pay your respects:)

  9. Definitely a member of a family scattered. Or at least my generation — Four grands from my dad and uncle and we've all moved away from Los Angeles where our grands and great aunt rest. My folks' ashes were scattered in the Pacific Ocean as requested. Very proper for my dad a career Navy man and my mom who loved to travel.


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