Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Two Step QAL - May Clue

Two Step Clue for May
13 star blocks
This month's clue created thirteen star blocks. I made half of them with red tips to the outside and half with blue tips to the outside.

May's clue on the right
remaining components on the left
Two more months remain in the mystery. I'm sure that June's clue will create another block with the remaining units. The coordinator said were four possible ways the units could be combined, but only one was right. This mystery has a relaxed pace (one clue per month) which I've enjoyed.

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  1. So pretty! Another stunning QOV from this?

  2. Thank you for the links!! So appreciated...so far, on your last one, I have just cut the red strips!!

  3. Looks like a good quilt-a-long....I am needing a new one cuz the one I have been following is fizzling-the leader is just too busy to do it well again this year-last year was a complete flop! Sigh.

  4. This will be (already is) gorgeous! I'm really enjoying your mystery quilt-alongs - thanks for sharing.

  5. So pretty. Your points are so perfect. (Mine never were, which is why I don't quilt much!)

  6. I'm not sure I would have the patience to do a mystery QAL. Waiting for the clues would be hard.

    Your work so far looks great!

  7. 13 star looks amazing already Nancy.
    The white areas pop out to my eyes.

  8. Always fun following along your quilting clues and journeys :)

  9. I'm always a fan for stars. They look super

  10. Those stars look great. Hum, one clue a month -- I just might have been able to keep up.


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