Monday, May 22, 2017

Dailey Park Cowl #2

cowl knit with reclaimed wool and dyed with food coloring
May 2017
I couldn't resist knitting something from the reclaimed wool that I dyed with food coloring. I had enough yarn in one skein for a Dailey Park Cowl. The yarn was the thick/thin variety and ranged from a sport-weight to a light-bulky weight.

The pattern suggested a special technique called a Suspended Bind-off. The technique was new to me, and I was surprised that it provided a looser and slightly more stretchy edge than the traditional bind off.

Have you tried the suspended bind-off?


  1. Pretty cowl!!! I hadn't heard of the suspended bind off and had to google it-very interesting and I will try it soon!

  2. Very pretty (love the color)! I had never heard of that kind of bind off either, but I clicked on the link you provided and I've printed out the directions. Looks easy and perfect for me since I often bind off too tightly. Thanks!

  3. Beautiful made a gorgeous green!

    I haven't tried that bind off. I'll have to look it up.

  4. That green yarn is so pretty! I have never used that bind-off, but with the link you provided I'll try it on the next cowl I make. Thank you!

  5. I love the color of the yarn! I never ever heard of that bind-off, but it looks/sounds very promising.

  6. Very nice and cosy looking.
    Did they dyeing affect the feel of the wool in any way?

  7. I saw your first posting on the Dailey Park cowl and fell in love with it. Ordered 2 kits and they were on sale; got them both done within a couple of days. Loved making them; such a fun, relaxing knit. Then my family members wanted them, so I ordered 5 more kits to make for gifts. Thanks for sharing! Both your cowls are gorgeous! Hadn't done the suspended bind off before, but loved learning it. Makes a really nice bind off. Will use again! Always love your postings on your knitting projects!

  8. I haven't even heard of that bind-off. I'll have to look into it.
    I love that cowl. I'm amazed that you can get such beautiful results from food coloring!


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