Monday, May 1, 2017

May Day 2017

double tulips
April 2017
I came home from Denver last week to a delightful surprise - a burst of color along my back fence. These tulips haven't bloomed in years, but the abundance of snow (December - April) must have prompted them to put on a show this year.

For the record: a quick storm dropped a few inches of snow on Friday, April 28, 2017, so the blooms were basically flattened overnight. I'm hoping any future precipitation will be rain.

Happy May Day!


  1. Happy May day!! I guess that was a short lived tulip treat...strange weather, yes??

  2. How pretty and what a great surprise!

  3. Very pretty! We haven't seen many tulips blooming here yet. We got about an inch of rain yesterday but lots of snow fell just 20 miles east of us. May Day brings back some happy childhood memories of making and delivering May baskets.

  4. Oh, aren't you glad you got the pictures when you did-those tulips are breath-taking!

  5. Boooooo on that mean old snow. The tulips were GORGEOUS!

  6. Ohhhh Double tulips. They are stunning. Snow Snow go away, come back in time for Christmas Day.

  7. What pretty blooms and such a nice surprise! It sounds like a lot of Colorado also received snow this weekend. Crazy weather we're having. The high supposed to be 48 here today but 81 by the weekend. Craziness, but I guess that is spring.
    Blessings, Betsy

  8. What a lovely surprise for you.
    We have just had our first big dump of snow so maybe we will follow your heavy snow winter - only time will tell.

  9. What a shame to have such beauty spring up and be lost so quickly! I'm so glad you got a picture of them before the snow hit. They were gorgeous and they WILL be back!


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