Monday, March 27, 2017

Two-Step QAL - March Clue

Two-Step QAL
March clue
March 2017
I'm currently working on two mystery quilts - Quilts for the Military (weekly clues) and From My Carolina Home Two-Step Mystery QAL (monthly clues), and I have managed to keep up with the sewing required.

The March clue of the Two-Step QAL used 5 inch squares to create Half-Square Triangles (HSTs), and they have been squared and trimmed to 4.5 inches.

components of the Two-Step QAL
February 2017
March's clue used the 5 inch squares in the upper left, and the only cut fabric not used is the stack of 4.5 inch squares in the lower right corner.

After three months of clues, I have completed:

     •  Two patch units (lower left) - January

     •  Hour-glass units (upper right) - February

     •  Half-square units (shown in the top photo of this post) - March

January and February segments were shown in this post.


  1. Your sewing machine must be humming! You are doing so much. I love the hour glass blocks.

  2. Lovely Nancy and Carolina is really representing in the final four. If you dont watch the NCAA, No carolina and So carolina are in it for the big win !!!!
    Carolina...on my mind

  3. Mystery quilts sound like a fun project. Good job keeping up with not one, but two of them.

  4. Well, you definitely found a way to keep yourself occupied during the cold, cold winter. The squares are lovely and bright.

  5. Both mysteries look like they will be stunning.

  6. That's really going to look pretty when it's finished.

  7. Congratulations on keeping up on your mystery quilts! I've quit doing them for the most part becaus I usually don't keep up, then give up and start or go back to something else.


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