Monday, March 6, 2017

Oh Baby!

queue of baby hats
March 2017
Evening Netflix knitting has been focused on baby hats, using Kathy's donated scraps. I like to start several at a time, as the hats are great "grab and go" projects.
ten scrap baby hats completed
February and March 2017
Since mid-February's post, I've made a sizable dent in the scraps, but Kathy's donation will yield even more baby hats.


  1. Oh wow! They are all so colorful and cheerful. Some babies are going to look very chic!!

  2. Awesome! any movies you would recommend from netflex?

  3. GAH! And March is all of 5 days done. (Hey it's morning so you can't really claim today! But the hats are darling. I got back the two hats I had made my grands that didn't fit well. I'm going to take them apart and add length to them. Although truth be told it may be for next winter, not this winter. Good use of little bits and pieces of yarn.

  4. A little rainbow of cute hats!

  5. It looks as though you're using sock yarn? Do you have a pattern you would be willing to share? I'm always looking for new ways to make baby hats for the hospital.

    1. The pattern I'm using for these baby beanies can be found here:

  6. I'm sorry. I meant to tell you how beautiful all of your hats are! It's just that I get so excited when I see a new pattern! Ha ha ha!
    Blessings, Betsy

  7. What a lovely use of your knit time. I recognize the orange and black yarn I think! I dont like waste of any kind, so I love this. I have some wool blends, and I wonder if they are acceptable....

  8. Oh, Nancy, they are too cute! I just prayed for these babies & their parents who will receive the products of you & your friend's love.

  9. They look great. I have been putting my scraps away for baby hats too. So far I've only done two, but it's good mindless knitting for when socks are just too taxing.

    How many stitches do you cast on and what size needles are you using?

  10. They are just darling! Babies are already cute, but sporting those hats, they will be the most stylish babies in the nursery.


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