Monday, March 13, 2017

Helical Stripes

Helical Stripes - no jog
March 2017
The concept of Helical Stripes (Mason-Dixon Knitting) is interesting and "new to me," so I used the technique to make a baby hat with some small yarn scrap balls.  It's easy and really does eliminate the jog to create an unbroken stripe. The photos in this post were taken at the beginning and end of the row - can you spot that point?

from the small balls of scrap yarn I worked with a "light" and a "dark"
to create stripes, using the Helical Stripe technique
It's easier to spot the beginning and end of the row in this photo showing the cast-on edge.

I like how the odd bits of yarn worked well together. I even tried it with two distinct yarns - orange variegated and black.

two Helical Striped hats made with scrap yarn
March 2017

Have you used the Helical Stripe technique?


  1. So glad you posted this - I've been meaning to try it (what a great concept!!). Love the hats that you made and a nice new way to use up yarn scraps!

  2. Very interesting...thanks for sharing.

  3. I can't see where the jog should be. Great job!! I want to do that!

  4. Wow! Being, at best, a lazy knitter I doubt I would ever use little bits of yarn. But both hats look great and nope, you really can't tell where the join is. I love learning vicariously through your efforts!

  5. I adore that hat! I haven't heard of that technique but I'll be sure to check it out. I always have that little jog at the beginning of the row.

  6. I have not tried it (yet). But then, I don't make anything with stripes where I mind the jog.

    Love the orange and black hat. Won't THAT be perfect for Halloween!


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