Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Mystery Clue #5

Clue #5
Mystery Quilts for Military
March 2017
Clue #5 resulted in 140 three-patch segments. I ran out of the cream with gold stars fabric, so I supplemented with a cream with red stars fabric. Hopefully, these units will blend in with the others.

On the group's Yahoo board, others posted that they either ran out of the light fabric or were getting very close.

With this clue, I think the quilt will have nine-patch units of which these will be the center sections. Part of the fun of making a mystery quilt is anticipating how the units will come together into blocks.


  1. Love the two versions of the star fabric - they should blend together beautifully.

  2. HMMM - 9-patches and churn dashes? Can't wait to see what it becomes.

  3. I like that star fabric. I think they will work well together.

  4. Wonderful! I think they'll work perfectly together. Thank you for the baby hat link. You were sweet to go to all of that trouble.

  5. It is a Greek to me. It is going to be lovely. Al was taught a bit of sewing by a friend last week. She made alittle skirt. It is darling. It was a good first project. She has no room for crafts right now, so it is back to knitting. But she had a great time learning a few new skills and a sewing machine .


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