Thursday, March 23, 2017

Quilt Eye Candy

Quilt Show
Riverton, WY
January 2017
The squares on this quilt were tiny and the stitching was spot-on accurate.

It was a "happy" quilt 

a baby-sized quilt 

I admire those who can work with tiny pieces of fabric and have consistent stitching. Unfortunately, I didn't take a photo of the quilt's information, so I can't give credit to the quilter.


  1. OOoooo! I love that one too!!

  2. So beautiful! Cheerful, fun and perfect for a baby (or an adult baby like me - lol).

  3. Such a cheerful, happy quilt. How big are those pieces? One inch? That is amazing to me. The patience and dedication that it would take to make.

  4. Quilters are amazing to me. SO many barns here have the quilt symbol . Each is colorful and wonderful.

  5. I like everything about that quilt - so pretty! Love those simple black squares spaced around the edge almost as much as the rest.

  6. Such a pretty quilt. I love quilt shows too.

  7. That's just beautiful! I too admire ones who work with such small pieces. Have you ever heard of Grace Snyder? You have to check her out, this is just a small bit about her.

  8. Wowser! Great quilt. You do such a great job publishing your blog so many times a week! And, I read them all because of the email subscription. but I am getting worse and worse at getting to your blog to comment. Keep in mind that I read it regularly!

  9. WOW! Baby size? Tiny tiny pieces.


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