Friday, March 31, 2017

Foreign Friday

Bangkok, Thailand
December 1979


  1. Yikes - doesn't look too sturdy.

  2. I can't imagine living on the water in such a rickety boat ...especially in monsoon season. That must be downright SCARY!

  3. How does that even stay together and float! WOW

  4. I can not even imagine living like that. Even our poorest citizens have so much more everyday comforts that that photo implies. So interesting to see how others have lived.

  5. I really like today's photo! Our Thai daughter-in-law's family lived on a boat when she was a small child. Her parents went off to jobs far away from her and her brother so she was raised by her aunt. She never saw her parents except for a few times after that, but they did improve the quality of living for the family and even sent both kids to college. An amazing sacrifice!


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