Friday, November 11, 2016

Foreign Friday

tour guide, Paul Gsell
April 1980
I didn't write about the deer in my travel journal, so I don't know specifics of the location, but the deer roamed the grounds of this area freely and welcomed being fed by the tourists.  I went on several of Paul Gsell's trips in the two years I was in Japan.

Here's one entry from my travel journal: Thurs., April 3, 1980 - Last night we took a walking tour of Kumamoto with Paul and discovered a small restaurant. We ate whale and horse meat (raw and dipped in soya sauce), drank potato wine, which was very bitter.

The owners of the sushi and sake bar (see this post) took a liking to our group and gave us gifts (I still have the wooden sake cup) and entertained us. We drank beer and sake. As our meal was being prepared, Judy L. took a position behind the counter and "helped" cook. She spilled potatoes everywhere much to everyone's amusement. Judy L. and Judith K. became known as "cucumber" because the owners could not say "Judy." It was a very enjoyable night.


  1. I imagine every time you see the sake cup you remember this experience. So interesting. Never heard of potato wine.

  2. What great memories. Horse meat raw? I take it you did not get sick. Oh I just couldnt! You were open to so many new things

  3. Wow! What experiences you have had. I don't eat sushi - or any raw meat - and I don't think I could have/would have considered consuming horse meat. Do you remember what the horse meat and whale meat were like?

  4. Such wonderful memories you have. I remember the Nara deer when we were south of Hiroshima a couple of years ago. They were allowed to roam freely and eight right out of your hands. They followed one little boy around who had an ice cream cone! I thought that was hilarious. One of them nudged him enough that he finally dropped it and they ate the whole thing.
    Blessings, Betsy

  5. It sounds like so much fun! What wonderful memories. I love the deer in the photo. You can tell they have been well fed by the tourists!

  6. You were very adventurous to try the horse meat. Not sure I could have eaten it raw.


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